Casa Bahía, 2015

Casa Bahía is a modernist structure that seamlessly cohabits with the tropical wonderland of Coconut Grove. It appears to float above water and lush greenery, seeming to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Upon entering this physical and psychological sanctuary, you are struck by the harmony of the space where man and nature become one. This is a dwelling that effortlessly merges the experience of urban living with a philosophy of simplicity, timelessness and light. The beauty of the architecture rests in its functionality and grace. Every element introduced succeeds through its purity and precision. The lighting appears in a soft way, continues lines of light wall wash some spaces or cuts in the ceiling mimic the idea of natural light.

One becomes enveloped by a home that fully absorbs your every sense. Your vision takes in the whiteness of concrete perched softly before pastel skies and turquoise waters. Your view extends infinitely into the horizon, giving you the feeling of vastness from anywhere you ground your feet. Your skin is caressed by breeze from the azure bay as you take in the scent of salt and ocean, and the sound of a two-story waterwall that cascades with rhythmic force against smooth stones below. The effect of the design is a profound connection with all that surrounds you. In this cultivated wild, a transparent ribbon of floor-to-ceiling glass doors slide to invite the moon, stars and sun to inhabit this space with you. The lighting appear     in a natural way , to light the concrete walls and be integrated to the architectural concept. A ray of light that entered the space thru a gap between the wall and the ceiling projected our view to the infinity of the magnificent view you will have when you enter the next space.

A suspended staircase seems to effortlessly glide over air and water, appearing to defy the pressure of gravity. You are introduced to a central area uninterrupted by material divisions. The fusion of inside-outside, vertical-horizontal, land-sea, shadow-light and nature-man unite continuously throughout Casa Bahía. No light was install in the pond to have the effect of a black reflecting pool to enhanced the space. A continues line placed in the ground and some recessed downlights guide us across the ground floor. The wall of water was lighted from the ground to create the caustics in the ceiling of the stairs, this was we incorporate the natural elements in the house thru ligh integrating the natural surrounds where the house is located.

In the exterior terraces a continues line of light is integrated to the floor, to avoid have any fixture in the ceiling that was designed to frame the amazing view. There is a few decorative lighting lamps thru the project, where this were needed, we go for paper lamps to have a diffuse light to follow the natural concept of the project.

The landscape lighting was designed to create the shadows of the plants in the exterior walls of the house, to integrate the house to the nature that surround it. The lighting design aim to used a minimum amount of fixtures in the ceiling to avoid distract the idea of a clean space integrated to the landscape.

The naked minimalism of the construction is flawless in its bareness. Excellence lies in the quality of the light and the natural materials, the geometric sensibility, and the spirit of Modernity that evokes the aesthetics of Le Corbusier merged with an eternal dreamscape unique to Miami.


Lighting Designer: Claudia Paz Lighting Studio,  Claudia Paz – Cesar Castro

Architect: Alejandro Landes

Interior Designer: Catalina Echevarria

Conceptual architectural design: Zyscovich Architects in collaboration with Catalina Echavarria

Architect of record: Jerome Gavcovich LLC

Architectural Design collaboration by: Macarena Chiriboga, Carlos Diaz, and Daniel Breitner

Landscape Architect: Raymond Jungles

Surveyor: J. Bonfill & Associates

Structural Engineer: Optimus Structural Design

MEP Engineer: ARPE Engineering

Civil Engineer: Biscayne Engineering

Landscaping: Raymond Jungles

Photo Credit: Claudia Uribe

  • Cliente: Alejandro Landes
  • Fecha: 2015
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