We are passionate about using light to create a link between space and people that allow them to experience an emotional connection, integrating art, architecture and technology. We constantly explore new and creative ways of interaction within light and architecture or urban landscapes to generate emotion and unforgettable memories in the public.


We are a creative group of architects, designers and artists inspired by light. Depending on each project, we invite different professionals to join us in a multidisciplinary team. In our projects we have the collaboration of industrial designers, engineers and programmers of different countries.


The key part of our creative process is the generation of the concept for the project, based on a preliminary analysis. After that, we make the research and development of technologies to be used and the detailed design stages, necessary for its correct execution. It is important for us to assure the result of our initial concept; that’s why the art direction is always lead by us.

"We seek to design new experiences to evoke people's playfulness, create places that inspire, and leave in people a magical memory of light"